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Working with Purchase Orders

The Purchase Order is used to confirm, record and track the progress of a purchase from a Supplier.

It is a progressive record of:

  • The items that was purchased;
  • The quantities;
  • The costs;
  • The ‘state’ of what has and has not been delivered/billed.

A combination of Memos and the Purchase Order is used to track and review all of the details and events that happen between the time the order was placed, and the time everything purchased on the order has been delivered/billed.

Your Supplier is sent a copy of the Purchase Order to confirm they have received and understood exactly what has been ordered in terms of cost, quantity and payment terms.

Tracking a Purchase

If your supplier is not in a position to deliver some of the items you have ordered, the Purchase Order can be used to track what has, and has not, been billed or delivered to you.

When you record a Bill or Item Receipt from the Purchase Order the ‘Qty’ billed column on the Item Table is automatically updated to show the quantity of Items that have been billed or delivered.


Entering Line Items
Working with Transactional Documents
Working with Items

How to create a new Purchase Order

See Creating new Transactions and Entering Line Items for the basic information.

Purchase Order Key Facts

  • Purchase Orders are typically used to confirm, record and track the progress of a purchase from a Supplier.
  • Issuing a Purchase Order does not affect the associated Supplier balance.
  • A reference number is auto-assigned.  See Working with Reference numbers (Ref #).
  • The Printed Document can be formatted with your company logo, colors etc. See Working with Document Templates.

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