Expense Claim Fields

To find out more about www.salesorder.com click here to set an appointment. The unique id assigned to this Worker. This is the Worker that owns the Expense Claim. Usually the Worker who created the Document, but the Owner can be changed at any time. This dropdown field will list the current Workers with login permission. Current state of the Expense’s approval – … Read More

Payment to Supplier fields

www.salesorder.com provides versatile Inventory Management Software, and integrated Purchase Order Management to have full control of your suppliers and purchasing. You will have fingertip access to your suppliers, purchase quotes, purchase orders, cash purchases, supplier payments and even supplier refunds and credit notes, plus robust integration with various other systems. To find out more about www.salesorder.com‘s versatility, have a look here, or click here to … Read More

Account fields

To find out more about www.salesorder.com‘s accounting prowess, have a look here, or click here to set an appointment. This page contains descriptions of the fields on all types of Accounts. The unique name of the Account. This is an optional unique number associated with the Account. The numbers are primarily used by accountants to categorize the different types of … Read More

Setting default bank accounts

To find out more about www.salesorder.com click here to set an appointment. Default Bank Accounts can be set for receiving payments from Customers and making payments to Suppliers. These are set on a per currency basis, and is set in the Currency document itself. Setting Default Bank Accounts Setting Default Bank Accounts If this article is unclear, please let us … Read More

Working with Bank Accounts

To find out more about www.salesorder.com click here to set an appointment. The Bank Account Document represents one of your company’s actual Bank Accounts. The balance and associated transactions should reflect those of the actual account it represents and be reconciled with its real world counterpart. As with its real world counterpart, the Bank Account Document allows you to make … Read More