Working with Customer Refunds

To find out more about click here to set an appointment. A Customer Refund document is directly related to a sales activity. If a customer returns an Item, the Customer Refund document records the following: If the above is related to a Cash sale, the cash sale document would be used to create the Sales Refund document. This is … Read More

Working with Cash Sales

To find out more about click here to set an appointment. A Cash sale is recorded when a Customer pays you in full when the sale is made. The Cash Sale Document records: In accounting terms, Cash Sales are recorded in your cash/ bank balance, while invoices are recorded in your Accounts Receivable Ledger (Sales Ledger). See Creating new … Read More

Working with Cash Purchases provides versatile Inventory Management Software, and integrated Purchase Order Management to have full control of your suppliers and purchasing. You will have fingertip access to your suppliers, purchase quotes, purchase orders, cash purchases, supplier payments and even supplier refunds and credit notes, plus robust integration with various other systems. To find out more about‘s versatility, have a look here, or click here to … Read More