Create a Prospect/Customer from a Lead

To find out more about click here to set an appointment. A stand-alone lead does not have a Customer associated with it. A new Customer or Prospect can be created from the Lead. The Lead will then be automatically attached to the new Prospect/Customer. To understand the difference between a Lead, Prospect and Customer, see Leads, Prospects and Customers. … Read More

Working with Sales Forecasts

To find out more about click here to set an appointment, or read about their take on Business Intelligence. This provides a way of forecasting sales revenue over a period of time in the future. The Sales Forecast Document collates Sales Opportunities to measure the sales revenue for a particular period. This Sales Forecast can be generated for individuals and … Read More

Working with Sales Opportunities

To find out more about click here to set an appointment, or read more about their take on Business Intelligence. Sales Opportunities are potential business deals. These opportunities are recorded in Transactional Documents, summarised in the Sales Forecast Document and gives a view of the current Sales Pipeline. Each Sales Opportunity has various stages: Each stage has a Percentage Probability, which is … Read More