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Working with Sales Forecasts

This provides a way of forecasting sales revenue over a period of time in the future.

The Sales Forecast Document collates Sales Opportunities to measure the sales revenue for a particular period.

This Sales Forecast can be generated for individuals and teams.

An individual sales person can view a personal forecast, while a team manager can generate a forecast for the entire team.


Working with Sales Opportunities

How to Create a New Sales Forecast

  1. From the Explorer navigate to Sales→Sales Forecasts.
  2. Click on ‘Create New’ plus.
  3. Give the Forecast a name in the ‘Forecast Name’ field.
  4. Select the Period.
  5. Select the Forecast Type as either:
    • Personal
    • Team (which includes the sales opportunities for your team)
    • Full (includes all sales opportunities)
  6. Click the button ‘Create Forecast‘.
  7. The New Sales Forecast page will shown (see below).


Depending on permission levels, set in Working with Workers, you may only have access to generate certain Forecasts.


A new Sales Forecast

At the bottom, the different Sales Opportunities are listed.

Figures derived from the Forecast Sales Opportunities:

  • Standard Forecast: The sum of the closed and committed business deals during the specified period.
  • Weighted Forecast: The weighted sum of the closed and committed business deals during the specified period multiplied by the stage probability. Example: $3186.40 x 100% (Stage is definite, which equals 100%) = $3186.40
  • Pipeline: The total committed revenue even if the Opportunities do not lie in the specified period.

It is useful to summarize these figures by Worker, and/or Customer. These summaries are displayed in the remaining tabs.


Summary by Worker Tab


Summary by Customer Tab

The Sales Forecast can now be saved and retrieved as and when required from the Sales Forecast List.


Changes to Sales Opportunities will affect the forecast. It is seen as a live or real-time forecast.

How to submit the forecast:

  • To submit a forecast first Save it.
  • Then click on the ‘Submit Forecast‘ button.


When a forecast is Submitted it is locked and cannot be changed.

Sales Forecast Key Facts

  • Sales Forecasts are used to forecast the sales revenue during a specified period.
  • The Sales Forecast derives its figures from Sales Opportunities entered and updated by the sales team.
  • The Sales Forecast presents Standard, Weighted and Pipeline figures for projected sales revenue.
  • The Sales Forecast can be generated for an individual or team.
  • By default the Sales Forecast has OPEN status and can be changed.
  • Once a Sales Forecast is Submitted, it cannot be edited and no new Sales Opportunities can be added/removed.

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