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Working with Sales Opportunities

Sales Opportunities are potential business deals.

These opportunities are recorded in Transactional Documents, summarised in the Sales Forecast Document and gives a view of the current Sales Pipeline.

Each Sales Opportunity has various stages:

  • Qualified
  • Negotiating
  • Definite, etc.

Each stage has a Percentage Probability, which is the probability that the opportunity becomes a closed deal (i.e. won) by the Close date.

These variables add up to a weighted sales pipeline figure on the Sales Forecast Document.

The Forecast Status field further indicates whether a deal is closed, lost, probable or ongoing. See Sales Opportunity Fields.

While the sales people update their Sales Opportunities, the Sales Manager can run a Sales Forecast at any time to review the sales pipeline – open sales opportunities, forecasted sales revenue and cashflows.


Entering Line Items
Working with Transactional Documents
Working with Items
Creating new Transactions

How to Create a New Sales Opportunity

  • A new Sales Opportunity does not affect the customer balance.
  • A Sales Opportunity is similar to a Sales Quote.
  • The Ref # is a unique identifier/number associated with the Document. See Working with Reference numbers (Ref #).
  • The Sales Opportunity has a mandatory Name field, to keep track of different opportunities.
  • The close date field is to indicate when the Sales Person predicts the deal will be closed.
  • The Opportunity Stage indicates the progress of a potential deal.
  • Opportunity stages can be customised. See Configuring Sales Opportunities.
  • The Forecast Status field indicates whether the opportunity can be closed in this period or should be omitted from this period.

See a Sales Opportunity captured below:


The Sales Opportunity Document

    1. From the Explorer, navigate to Sales Forecasting -> Sales Opportunities.
    2. If it is a new customer, do this first:
      • Click on the green plus in the menu
      • A link at the top will show with an N – New Customer.
      • Click that and follow the instructions for adding a New Customer.
      • When done, return to Sales Opportunity.
    3. Search for the customer name in the search block.
    4. You will see a list of customers appear below the search block, and the name of your customer.
    5. Click on the green ‘Create New’ on that line next to the customer name.
    6. A New Sale Opportunity window will open.
    7. Complete the fields according to Sales Opportunity Fields.

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