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Sales Opportunity Fields

Opportunity name

A name to identify the Opportunity.

Forecast Status

A drop-down field. How far the sales person estimates the deal is from closing. The values are:

  • Committed – Confident the business will close in this period.
  • Closed – The business has been closed.
  • Omitted – This Sales Opportunity should be omitted from any forecast.
  • Lost – The business has been lost.

Close date

The date the business is expected to close, set by the sales person.

Opportunity Stage

A drop-down field. The current stage of the opportunity.

  • Qualified: Accepted according to your company’s sales directives.
  • Requirements Agreed: The next stage in the sales pipeline.
  • Proposal submitted: Paperwork complete and entered for consideration.
  • Negotiating: Further discussions.
  • Definite: Opportunity is near to closing.


All these fields can be customised according to your sales team’s prerogatives. See Configuring Sales Opportunities.

% Probability

A percentage indicating the sales person’s estimate of the progress, relative to the Close Date, where definite would be = 100%.

Sub-Total (Weighted)

This field cannot be changed as it is automatically populated.

It is used to calculate the Weighted Sub-total; this is the normal Sub-total (i.e. pre-tax value) of the business, multiplied by the % value.

This figure is a statistical estimate of the true value of the potential business.

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