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Working with Leads

The Lead Document captures details about sales enquiries from prospective or existing Customers.

To prioritize sales activities, the following details can be captured:

  • Lead source.
  • Lead classification (customisable).
  • Lead score, etc.

Memos are available to capture additional information and interactions.

When required, a Lead can be converted into a Prospect or a Customer.


Working with Lists
Leads, Prospects and Customers

How to create a new Lead

A lead can be created as a stand-alone or belonging to an existing Customer.


Created when a Lead does not have an associated Customer already in the system.

  1. Click ‘Create New‘ () on the Lead Shortcut.
  2. Or, from the Explorer click SalesLeads to display the Lead List, then click ‘Create Newplus.
  3. A new Lead Document will display.

Existing Customer

  1. Select the desired Customer.
  2. From the Action drop-down click ‘New Lead‘.
  3. The Customer field will automatically be filled.

The Lead Document below will then show.


New Lead Document

Lead Key Facts

  • Leads can be created as Stand-alone, or associated with a Customer.
  • Stand-alone leads can be attached to a Customer later on.
  • Leads have a status to clarify where it is in the sales pipeline.
  • A Lead Rating and associated score indicates the potential for conversion.

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