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Lead Fields

Top Block Fields:


The company name. Either enter a new company or find an existing one using the search icon.


Brief description of the lead.


The Lead Status reflects the various stages a Lead can be in depending on the process.

Default values include:

  • Open – Usually when it is a new lead
  • Pre-Qualification – Prior to the lead going through qualification processes
  • Being Qualified – In the process of initial discovery
  • Qualified – Passed qualification and approved
  • Convert to Customer – Converting the lead to a customer
  • Convert to Prospect – Converting the lead to a prospect
  • Converted – Process is finished
  • Dormant – No activity
  • Discard – Disqualified or withdrawn
  • These fields can be customised to suit your requirements. See Configuring Leads.


Rating gives an indication on how close the lead is to becoming a customer.

Default rating values:

  • None
  • New
  • Cold
  • Warm
  • Hot
  • Dead

These fields can be customised to suit your requirements. See Configuring Leads.

Rating Score

A numerical score related to the Rating to formalise categorisation of leads.
Three digit value, where for example 10 = cold, 50 = warm & 100 = hot (very interested).


Drop down field where the worker can be selected.

  • The owner of a lead is usually the Worker who created the Lead Document.
  • The ownership can be re-assigned at any time.
  • The drop down Owner field is a list of Workers that has login permission.

Date Received

The date the Lead was received.


A text field which indicates where the Lead originated.
For example, Word of mouth, Conference, Newspaper etc.


A text field which indicates the marketing campaign associated with this Lead.
For example ‘Black Friday’, to indicate the campaign name.

Bottom Block – Tab one: Contact

The details of the contact person representing the company for this lead.
A new contact will be created when you save the document.
This contact will be added to the Customer’s Contact List.
See Working with Contacts and Contact fields.

Tab two: Profile

Basic information about the Lead’s business:

  • Type of business
  • Annual Revenue
  • Number of employees

All these fields are optional.
Additional fields can be added as you wish.

Tab three: Notes

Notes regarding a deal can be made here and are open to be viewed by the whole team.
To add a note:

  1. Click ‘Add New Note
  2. Type your note
  3. Click Save

Notes will be saved with a date stamp.

Tab four: Memos

Summary of all memos pertaining to this lead.
Memos are very useful to keep track of progress.
See Working with Memos

Tab five: Email

Emails can be sent directly from here.
See Working with Email

Tab six: Classification

Classification facilitates greater organisational options.
For example, classifying leads according to country or region.
See Working with Classifications