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Working with Customer Credit Notes

The Customer Credit note (aka a Credit Memo) can be used in four ways:

  • Allow a Customer to buy goods or services from you for the amount specified on a future date.
  • When an Invoice containing an incorrect amount has been sent to the Customer. The Credit Note can be seen as a ‘negative invoice’.
  • When a Customer returns goods, you would raise a Credit Note to adjust the accounts and confirm receipt of the goods by sending a Credit Note to the Customer.
  • If the Customer is unhappy with products and services, a Credit Note may be issued to deduct an amount from the original invoice.

In all cases you should send a copy of the Credit Note to your Customer.


Entering Line Items
Working with Transactional Documents
Working with Items

How to create a new Customer Credit Note

See Creating new Transactions and Entering Line Items for the basic information.

A Customer Credit Note can be created directly from the Customer Document or from a specific Sales Invoice.

To create a Credit Note from a Sales Invoice, see Creating related Documents.

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