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Generating Customer Statements

To send monthly statements to your customers, you can either:

  • Print and email individual statements.
  • Bulk print a set of statements from the customer list.

How to generate a Single Statement

  1. Select the Customer from the Customer List.
  2. Click ‘Create Statement’ from the Customer’s Actions drop-down.


3. The create Customer Statement Page (below) will show.


4. Customer name and Customer Ref # will be prepopulated.
5. Select the applicable dates.
6. Select the prefered Statement Template. Numerous statement templates can be designed, for more details see Working with Document Templates.
7. Click ‘Create Statement’.
8. The generated statement will show, see example below.



  • The statement will be sent to the default Billing Address of the Customer. To change it, see Entering Billing/Shipping addresses.
  • The Ref # field is set to [auto], and it is read only. A unique identifier for the Statement will be generated for reference purposes.
  • At this point, the Statement Template can still be changed.
  • After saving the Statement it can be printed or emailed. See Working with Emails and Printing Documents.

How to generate Bulk Statements

The steps in this diagram show how the Statements are generated:


Generating Statements from the Customer List

  1. Display the Customer List from the Explorer by clicking SalesCustomers; List all Customers.
  2. A list of all the Customers will show. Select which ones you want to create Statements for, by ticking in the tickboxes as shown in the diagram per row.
  3. From the ‘Actions‘ drop-down menu select ‘Generate Statements‘.
  4. The ‘Statement Information‘ section will now show. Select the dates for which you want to generate the Statements.
  5. Click ‘Create Statements‘ to generate the Statements.
  6. The Statement List will displayed with the newly generated statements  as shown in the image.

How to print the statements

Statements will be generated in PDF format.
You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed to view PDF Documents.


Printing from the Statement List

  1. Click the ‘Print Statements‘ Action in the top bar. The ‘Print Options‘ section will display.
  2. Select the required options:
    • To NOT print statements with a zero balance, remove the tick from ‘Print statements with a zero balance’.
    • To NOT print statements with no transactions, remove the tick from ‘Print statements with no transactions in period’.
    • To NOT include the due date, remove the tick from ‘Include Due Date on Transactions’.
  3. In the list at the bottom, select the statements you wish to print by ticking in the tickboxes as shown in the diagram per row.
  4. Click on ‘Print Statements‘ to generate the PDF file.
  5. A confirmation message will display in the Work Area. Click ‘Download PDF File‘ to download a PDF file containing all the printed Statements.
  6. Print or save these PDF’s directly.

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