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The Customer Portal

Allows your customers to login and manage their account.They can:

  • View their due or overdue Invoices.
  • Pay Invoices.
  • View/Accept Quotes.
  • View Sales Orders.
  • Change Contact Details.
  • Change Login details.

This feature can save your company considerable time and effort in processing Invoices etc.

How to allow your customers to login

  1. Navigate to the customers in the explorer and select the customer.
  2. Select the Customer Profile Tab (shown below).
  3. Select the checkbox ‘Enable Login’.
  4. The Login ID and password will be automatically generated.
  5. An email will be sent to their contact email address under the ‘Main Contact’ tab.
  6. The email template is called New Customer Account Login Details and can be found in the Explorer under SetupEmail Templates, and can be customised.
  7. The email will provide the new login details, and provide a link directly to the Portal’s login page.


Enabling Customer Portal Login

It is best to enable this feature when a new customer is created.
Alternatively, set it as a default option whenever a new customer is created. See Customer Configuration.

How to log into the Portal

There are two ways in which a customer can login:

  1. Via the link sent in the account signup email, which goes directly to the Portal Login Page.
  2. Go to and click the Login button. Login using the Login ID and Password. For the account number use CAXXXXXX. For example, if your account number is SOA427622 your Customer login is CA427622.

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