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Customer Portal Help

The Customer Portal is easy to use and allows you to perform tasks such as:

  • View and pay your Invoices
  • View and accept Quotes
  • View Sales Orders
  • Change Contact Details
  • Change Login details

The User Interface


Customer Portal User Interface

Any outstanding invoices will automatically be displayed in your account summary page when you log in.
To return to this page, click on the ‘Home‘ icon in the shortcut bar.

How to Pay Invoices

Single or multiple invoices can be paid.
Simply follow the steps:

    1. In your Account Summary page, you will see all your outstanding invoices.
    2. A big green button called ‘Pay Multiple Invoices’ will provide the option to pay Multiple Invoices.
    3. Click on this button ‘Pay Multiple Invoices‘.
    4. The Payment Confirmation page (see below) will show.
    5. Select which invoices to pay by ticking the boxes to the left of each row, identifying the individual invoices.
    6. Select the method of payment, which is a dropdown box.
    7. Click on Proceed.


Confirming your payment

  1. A Payment Processing page will pop up (see below) when you clicked on ‘Make Payment‘, for example Paypal.
  2. Complete the payment as per the instructions on the applicable interface.
  3. When finished, the pop up window will close. Click the green Finish button.

You will receive a Payment Receipt (via email) if the payment was successful.
Payments can also be viewed by clicking on the ‘Payments‘ button in the shortcut bar.


Make a payment