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Working with Prospects

Prospects are potential Customers.

You can attach Contacts, Quotes, Estimates etc. to a prospect.

To invoice a Prospect, you first must convert the Prospect to a Customer.


Create a Prospect/Customer from a Lead
Leads, Prospects and Customers

How to create a new Prospect

  1. From the Explorer click SalesProspects and click ‘Create Newplus .
  2. Or from an existing lead:
    1. From Leads, select the lead that must be converted.
    2. Click the dropdown ‘Actions’.
    3. Select ‘Create Prospect’.


Prospect Key Facts

  • The Prospect name must be entered, but it does not have to be unique.
  • The Ref # is a unique identifier/number associated with the Prospect. See Working with Reference numbers (Ref #).
  • Once set, the Currency cannot be changed and transactions will only be in the selected currency.
  • If the Prospect is VAT registered and a member of the EU:
    • Check the tickbox ‘Prospect is Vat Registered’ on the Profile tab.
    • Add the VAT no. in the new field.
    • Check the tickbox ‘Is from other EC member state’.
    • This ensure VAT returns are calculated correctly.

The Prospect Document

This document is very similar to a customer document. Functions include:

  • Edit Prospect – To add or update information.
  • Find dropdown allows searches for:
    • Sales quotes
    • Contacts
    • Leads
    • Sales Opportunities
    • Billing Addresses
    • Shipping Addresses
  • Actions include:
    • Convert to customer
    • Create new quote
    • Create new contact
    • Create new lead
    • Create new sales opportunity
    • Create new billing address
    • Create new shipping address
    • Take ownership
    • Delete
  • Email the prospect directly from here. Ensures that a correspondence thread is maintained regarding this prospect. See Working with Emails.
  • Configure. Gives you the ability to configure fields according to your preferences. See Configuring Prospects.

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