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Creating Back Orders

A back order is stock that is ordered to fulfill existing Sales Orders which could not be fully allocated due to stock shortage.

A Purchase Order can be generated for all outstanding stock, at the same time it would flag the associated Sales Orders are on back order.


Before auto-creation of Purchase Orders each associated Line Item must have a Preferred Supplier set.

An error message will show if this has not been set. Allocate a Preferred Supplier on the Purchasing/Costs tab of the Stock Item.

How to Create a Back Order

  1. From the Top Menu, select Back Orders.
  2. Click on Create Back Order Purchase Orders.
  3. On each line at the bottom of the screen, select the tickbox next to the Sales Orders for which a Purchase Order has to be created.
  4. In the sample below, one Purchase Order had been created as both stock items has the same preferred supplier.


Creating back-order Purchase Orders

How to see what is currently on Back Order

  1. From the Top Menu, select Back Orders.
  2. Click on List orders on Back Order.
  3. There will be a tick mark (flag) in the column ‘Back Ordered’.

Once the back ordered stock is available, the flag will turn off.

Allocation of back ordered stock is done the usual way. See Allocating Stock to Sales Orders.

list back order

List Sales Orders currently on back-order

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