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Pick Lists

Pick Lists are used for picking stock and can be printed either from:

  • The List of Sales Orders.
  • The List of Shipments.
  • The Sales Order document.
  • The Shipment document.

The Pick list can be printed either:

  • By Order – Where each Order appears as separate lines, or
  • By Item – Where there is only one line per Item. Generally used when there is a two stage picking process:
    • Stage 1 – Pick all the Items required for a group of orders
    • Stage 2  – Pick/pack each order from the picked Items

How to Print Pick Lists from the Sales Order List

  1. From the Sales Order List select the dropdown ‘Pick-Pack-Ship’.
  2. Select either ‘Print Pick List by Order’ or ‘Print Pick List by Item’.
  3. The following screens will then show, which can be printed.


Creating Pick Lists from the Sales Order List

How to Customize Pick Lists

If your organization has specific requirements with regards to how Pick Lists are printed, your Pick List can be customized as with any other document.

Contact Customer Services for customization.

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