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Working with Shipments

For very small businesses:

If you do not have a separate warehouse operation, simply use the Sales Order document as a mechanism for picking and packing orders. The original Sales Order can be used as a Delivery Note/Packing Slip.

For larger businesses:

A Shipment document is used to control the Pick, Pack and Ship workflow.

To understand how the Shipment document is used for Order Processing work-flow, see Pick-Pack-Ship Process.

Shipment documents can be created in two ways:

How to Enable Pick-Pack-Ship

Before you can use the Pick-Pack-Ship functionality you must enable it in your system.
Go to SetupConfigurationShipments.
Make sure the ‘Enable Pick-Pack-Ship functionality’ checkbox is checked.


Enable Pick, Pack, and Ship Functionality

How to create a Shipment from a Sales Order

A Shipment document can be created for the whole Order document, or for particular Line Items. Select ‘Create Shipment’ from the Actions dropdown.

The below example shows how to create a Shipment for the whole Sales Order. Partial Shipments are done in a similar way.


Creating a Shipment from a Sales Order, with the newly created Shipment Document

When you click on ‘Create Shipment’, the Line Items from the Sales Order are copied onto the Shipment. Had only certain Line Items been selected, only these would have been copied to the Shipment.

In the New Shipment screen, a column Picked holds the current number of Items picked relative to the Quantity (Qty) column. Changing the picked quantity here will reflect back to the associated Line Item in the Sales Order.

In the Sales Order document a column ‘In Shipping‘ indicates the quantity of that line currently assigned to a Shipping document. The ‘Picked‘ column is the quantity picked, and the ‘Shipped‘ column is the quantity shipped.

To prevent confusion and duplication of activity, status of the Shipments are monitored at each step with ‘being Picked’, ‘being Packed’ and ‘being Shipped’.

For smaller operations these intermediate states may not be necessary and can be omitted if required.

As discussed, each shipment goes through the following states :

Shipment document Pick-Pack-Ship statuses
READY TO PICK The Shipment is ready to pick
BEING PICKED The Shipment is being picked
READY TO PACK The Shipment has been picked and is ready to pack
BEING PACKED The Shipment is being packed
READY TO SHIP The Shipment has been packed and is ready to ship
SHIPPED The Shipment had been shipped

The Pick-Pack-Ship process has been optimized to ensure transition is done with a single click.

Transitions can be set on the Shipment document itself, or controlled in bulk from the Shipments List, useful when dealing with multiple orders. See Pick-Pack-Ship Process.

The following diagram of an individual document shows the above Shipping document after being saved.

start picking


Referring to the numbered boxes in the diagram:

  1. Clicking the button ‘Start Picking‘ sets the document state to BEING PICKED. This prevents anyone else from picking the same Shipment by mistake.
  2. All lines can quickly be selected by clicking ‘All Picked‘. The document state is then set to READY TO PACK.

Once clicking ‘All Picked‘ we get the following result:



  1. The Shipment state is now READY TO PACK.
  2. Clicking the button ‘Start Packing‘ sets the document state to BEING PACKED.
  3. All lines can quickly be selected by clicking ‘All Packed‘. The document state is then set to READY TO SHIP.


Clicking on Dispatch will set the state to SHIPPED.



Once completed, the image below shows how the Sales Order has been updated appropriately and the Shipping status is set to Shipped.


Sales Order Status after Shipment

Manually setting the Shipping Status

With drop-shipping for example, the status may have to be manually updated, skipping the Pick and Pack workflow.

To flag the Order as Shipped, or Partially Shipped, select Actions from the Main Menu while viewing the Sales Order. See below.

  • Select all the line items applicable.
  • Select ‘Set to Shipped’.
  • This feature is only available if Pick-Pack-Ship is enabled.


Actions to allow manual setting of Shipping Status

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