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Submitting and Approving Sales Orders

For larger companies where Sales Orders must be submitted for approval before being accepted, a simple approval mechanism is provided.

Once a document has been approved, the associated documents be generated. This will change the Sales Order’s total.

For a worker to approve Sales Orders, the Sales Orders ‘Approval Permissions’ Tab needs to be accessed. Select the tickbox next to Sales Orders. See Working with Roles.


When saving the Sales Order, the associated Approval Status is set at the same time.

A – If you are authorized to approve Sales Orders, your Sales Orders are automatically approved when saved.
B – If you are not authorized to approve Sales Orders, your Sales Orders are saved as ‘For Approval’.

Once a Sales Order has been approved it’s status cannot be changed.


Sales Order approval

How to Approve Sales Orders

1. Select the ‘Find’ drop down menu as shown below.


Listing Sales Orders by Approval status

2. Select the option ‘Submitted Orders awaiting approval’.
3. Select the document which needs to be changed.
4. Select ‘Edit’ to enable the document to be changed.
5. Go to the Approval dropdown option as shown above.
6. Change status accordingly to Approved or Rejected.
7. Once approved, the ‘Authorised by‘ field will show the approver’s name.

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