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The Setup Folder allows you to set up and configure specifically for your company.

Additional Roles can be defined and assigned to Workers. Roles allow you to:

  • Restrict the data available to each Worker
  • Restrict the functionality available to each Worker
  • Tailor the User Interface to only show the necessary Explorer Folders and Shortcuts.

Documents can be configured similarly. Here you can specify how Customer Reference #’s are generated, or how Sales Invoices are printed. Each type of Document has its own configuration page, and each of these pages is accessed via the Configuration page under Setup.

In the Setup folder, a facility is available for Importing data using Microsoft Excel. Useful when changing to from another system, or to enter a large amount of data such as Customers, Suppliers or Item lists.

In the Setup folder, your Account details can be viewed, such as

  • Account number,
  • Current number of user licenses,
  • Number of active users
  • Amount of memory you are currently using.

Your actual account is accessed from the website, rather than from within the application.

The Setup Folder is shown below.


The Setup Folder – Showing Worker Roles

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