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Various aspects of the system can be configured to suit your particular company.

Examples shown below includes:

  • Setting how Customer Ref #s are generated,
  • Upload the Company Logo,
  • Configure your Chart of Accounts.

Configuration settings can be found via the Explorer. Select SetupConfiguration to display a list of configurable documents.

Click on the link to configure the associated Document (shown below).

Configuration Folder

The Document Configuration Page

Configuration directly from a Document

Only applicable to some Documents.
From the Action Bar, select ‘Configure’.
This will take you to the Configuration Page for that document. (see below)

Configure directly from the Document

Configure directly from the Document


The Customisation facility allows you to add custom Fields, Sections and Tabs to virtually any Document, specific to your company’s requirements.

For example, a Date Of Birth field to the Customer Document, or ‘How Did you find us?’ drop-down list on the Prospect Document, etc.

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