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Configuring Company Info

Where Company Details are set, such as address, fiscal year, date format, time zone, company logo/strapline, and email sending preferences.

  1. From the Explorer select Setup.
  2. Select Configuration.

Configuration Folder

  1. From the pane on the right, select the green ‘Company’.
  2. The form titled ‘View Company Configuration‘ will open.
  3. Select ‘Edit‘ to change the fields. (shown below).

Edit Company Information

The various tabs/fields are described below.
Most are self-explanatory, such as the Company Address.
Those that require some explanation are described below.

Tab one: Details

Company Legal Name

If the legal name of your company differs from its commonly used name.
The legal name may be required on Documents such as Sales Invoices.
By entering the legal name here, it will be used on the appropriate Documents. (See Working with Document Templates).

First Month of Fiscal Year

To ensure your financial reporting periods are determined correctly.

Base Currency

This field is non-editable. It is the base currency you chose when initially setting up your system.

Tab two: Date Format/Time Zone tab

Preferred Date Format

Set your preferred format according to your country and preference.
Choose the format from the drop-down menu.

Current Time Zone

Select your time zone from the list provided.

Enable automatic daylight saving

Check this box if you want to have appropriate daylight savings periods automatically added and removed.

Tab three: Logo/Strap Line tab

Company Strap Line / Logo/ Tag Line

This the byline often used with the company name.
Add it here to be displayed on printed documents such as Sales Invoices. (See Working with Document Templates).

Company Logo

Upload your Company Logo to be displayed on printed documents. (See Uploading your Company Logo).

Tab four: Email tab

To configure the emails sent from the system, particularly Sales Invoices and Statements. (See Working with Emails).

Use Integrated Email

Tick here to determine if it should be used or not.

Default ‘From:’ Address

The default address appearing in the email’s ‘from‘ field.
Can be ‘’ or ‘’, as examples.
Must be an existing address.

Default address for copies

If there is a value set (i.e. an existing email address) in this field, a copy of any email sent will also be sent to that email address.
This is useful for tracking sent emails.

Plain Text Signature

This triggers the next section.
Tick it for a plain signature.
Untick it for a formatted signature.

Standard Email Signature

Use this field to enter any text/logo that you wish to appear in the footer of all emails sent.
This block will allow you to format your signature with different typefaces, sizes, color etc.

Replace each field with the appropriate information, for example:

${personal_job_title}  would become -> Personal Assistant

Then again you highlight (select) the same field, and apply your formatting of choice such as Bold or a larger font, etc.

You can insert a picture, or a company logo by clicking on the little picture icon.

Or add a hyperlink to your website.

Once changes have been made, remember to Save!

edit company logo
There are additional options to customize your company information.
To do so, see Customisation or contact us for more to assist you with customisation.

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