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Configuring Customers

The Customer Configuration Document lets you change Customers features, such as Customer Portal login, and Customer Ref # generation.

  1. From the Explorer click SetupConfiguration;
  2. From the pane on the right, select the green ‘Customer‘.
  3. The document titled ‘View Customer Configuration’ will open (shown below).

How to enable Customer Portal login

By default when a new Customer is created their login to the Customer Portal is disabled.
To change that, select ‘Enable login for new Customers‘.
In future, all newly created customers will be able to login.(see below).

Auto-enabling Customer Portal login

How to change Credit Control options

Credit Control can be applied to how Sales Orders and Invoices are created.
From the dropdowns, select either:

  • Allow if insufficient credit
  • Prevent if insufficient credit
  • Warn if insufficient credit

How to enable Customer Ref #

Custom reference numbers (Account numbers) can be configured here.

  1. Select ‘Edit
  2. From the Ref# Generation tab, select the tick box for ‘Use Auto-generated Ref #’.
  3. Type in your preferred Ref # Prefix.
  4. Type in the current sequence number, where it should start from. Also see Working with Reference numbers (Ref #).

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