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Configuring VAT

Where to set the VAT Registration Number, Reporting Periods and VAT Reporting Scheme (Accrual/Cash).

  1. From the Explorer click SetupConfiguration;
  2. From the pane on the right, select the green ‘VAT‘.
  3. The document titled ‘View VAT Configuration’ will open. (shown below).
  4. Click on ‘Edit’.

VAT Configuration Document

VAT Configuration Document

  1. Complete fields as follows:
    • If your company is VAT registered, select the tickbox.
    • Enter the VAT Registration Number.
    • Enter the Subsidiary Identifier.
    • VAT Reporting Periods affects the periods displayed on the VAT Reports, and default dates used for VAT Returns. Select from the dropdown list. (see Working with VAT Returns).
    • VAT Reporting Basis gives you the options of Accrual Basis or Cash Basis.
  2. Click ‘Save‘.

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