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New Fields can be added to a particular Document, specific to your company’s requirements. For example ‘Date Of Birth’ in the Customer Document, or ‘How Did you find us?’ drop-down list on the Prospect Document.

Customization allows you to add Custom Fields, Custom Sections and Custom Tabs to virtually any document.


  • You need to have Administrator privileges to customize documents.
  • Custom Fields will be visible from the associated Document’s List via both the ‘Advanced Search‘ and ‘Extra Columns‘ tabs.
  • Custom fields can be specified when importing data.

How to Add a Customised Field

As an example – adding a Date Of Birth field in the Customer Profile tab.

  1. From the Explorer click SetupConfiguration.
  2. From the pane on the right, select the green ‘Customer‘. (for this example)
  3. The document titled ‘View Customer Configuration’ will open (shown below).
  4. From the Action bar click ‘Customise Fields‘ (see below).
  5. The Customer Document in Customization Mode will display.

customize fields

Step 1 – Select where you want to add the new field

The new field will be added under the Profile Tab, so click on the Profile Tab.

As you mouse-over different fields, they highlight in yellow.

To add the DOB field under the existing ‘Customer Since’ field, put you mouse over this field and click to select; the field will now remain highlighted in yellow.

Step 2 – Add the new field

From the Action bar click on ‘Edit Fields‘ and select ‘Add Field Below‘.

You can also choose ‘Add Field Above’ / ‘Move Field Up’ / ‘Move Field Down’ / ‘Inherit Field Value’ / ‘Delete’.

A new pop-up window will appear, allowing you to set the details of the new field.

Step 3 – Choose the type of field

From the Field type drop-down menu select ‘Date‘.

You can also choose ‘Text’ / ‘Area of Text’ / ‘Checkbox’ / ‘List’ / ‘Number’ / ‘Decimal Number’ / ‘Money’ / ‘Button’.

Adding a new Field

Adding a new Field

Steps 4 – 6 Complete Field details and save

Each type of Field has different information to be completed.

Common to all fields is the Label name, and the Field name.

The Label name is simply the label that appears next to the Field – in this instance ‘Date of Birth’.

The Field name is a unique name that is associated with this Field. This name is used to uniquely identify the Field within your system.

Once done, click ‘OK‘ to close the window and add the Field to the Custom Document in the desired location (as shown below).

New Field added with edit icon

New Field added with edit icon

Notice that next to the new field is a pencil edit icon (as seen above). Clicking this icon will bring back the edit window for this Field.

Next time a new Customer is added, the new Date Of Birth field will appear in the appropriate place.

How to Delete Custom Fields

Custom Fields that you have added can be deleted.

While in the ‘Customize Customer’ form, select the Field by clicking on it.

From the ‘Edit Fields’ drop-down list, select ‘Delete‘.

If you delete a Custom Field that has previously been populated with data, the associated data will be permanently lost on deletion.

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