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Adding Custom Tabs

Just as Custom Fields and Custom Sections can be added, Custom Tabs can also be added.

Within a Custom Tab, custom sections and associated Fields can be added.



How to Add a Custom Tab

A Custom Tab can be added to any document, our example is of the Lead Document.

  1. From the Explorer click SetupConfiguration.
  2. From the pane on the right, select the green ‘Lead‘.
  3. The document titled ‘Lead Configuration’ will open.
  4. From the Action bar click ‘Customise Fields‘.
  5. The Lead Document in Customization Mode will open.
  6. From the Action bar drop-down menu click ‘Edit Tabs‘. Other options include: ‘Add Tab’ / ‘Move Tab left’ / ‘Move Tab right’ and ‘Delete Tab’.
  7. A new Tab will be added on the far right of the Document.
  8. Type the title of the Tab in the field ‘Enter Tab title’. Click outside the input field to refresh the page and show the updated title.
  9. Add the required Sections and Fields to the Tab.

How to Move a Custom Tab

  1. To move a Tab, first select it by clicking on the title bar.
  2. From the ‘Edit Tab’ drop-down menu click ‘Move Tab Left‘ or ‘Move Tab Right’.
  3. The section will be moved accordingly – one tab at a time.
  4. Repeat the process as necessary until the tab is in the correct place.

How to Delete Custom Tabs

  1. To delete a custom tab, first select it by clicking on the tab title.
  2. From the ‘Edit Tabs’ drop-down menu click ‘Delete Tab‘.
  3. Click Confirm when prompted.

If you delete a Custom Tab that has previously been populated with data, the associated data will be permanently lost on deletion.

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