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Exporting Data

All data can be exported into a set of Comma Separated Value (CSV) files. These files are grouped together and downloaded as a single .ZIP file in order to reduce data size.

You may want to download your data:

  • To export the data into Microsoft Excel to analyse and manipulate it
  • To take a backup of your data
  • To upload your data into another system

How to Export Data

  1. From the Explorer go to SetupExport Data.
  2. The Export Data page is displayed (see below).

The Export Data Page

The Export Data Page

  1. By default the Export Data Page downloads all data. Data can be selectively downloaded by selecting the appropriate checkboxes.
  2. Enter the email address to which the data must be sent.
  3. Click on the ‘Export data‘ button once the appropriate selections has been made.

Depending on the amount of data, it may take some time to be accumulated. Please be patient!

The data files will be emailed to the email address specified and a confirmation message will be displayed (see below):

Confirmation of Export to email address provided

Confirmation of Export to email address provided

From the received email, the ZIP files can be downloaded. A list of CSV documents will be in the ZIP file. (as shown below). Extract these files and import them into Microsoft Excel as required.

Exported ZIP Files

Exported ZIP Files