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Importing Data

You can import data such as Customers, Suppliers, Items, Accounts etc. from Microsoft Excel. You may want to do this because:

  • You are changing from an existing system and you have exported data from the old system.
  • You are currently working from Microsoft Excel, and wish to import your data.
  • You are already working in and wish to import more data (such as a new list of Items).

How to import data using Customers as an example

As an example we will import a list of Customers. Importing other types of data, such as Items or Accounts is essentially the same.

Step 1 – Download the Excel Template

  1. From the Explorer click SetupImport Data.
  2. The Import Data page will open.
  3. Download the appropriate Excel Template for the data to be imported (see below).

Downloading the Excel Template

Downloading the Excel Template

  1. For our example, click on ‘Download Template’ next to ‘Customers’.
  2. A pop-up window will allow you to download and save the Excel Spreadsheet on your computer.
  3. Save the spreadsheet in an appropriate place on your computer.

Step 2 – Open the Excel template and fill in the data

Open the saved Excel spreadsheet, and locate the ‘Customers‘ tab.

This is where you can fill in your Customer data (as shown below).

Entering your data in Excel

Entering your data in Excel

The columns are either yellow or grey.

Yellow signifies a mandatory column that must be filled in.

Grey columns are optional.

To see information on the column values mouse over the red triangular icon in the top right hand corner of the associated column.

Add the required data, one row per Customer.

When you have added all the data, save the spreadsheet.


  • Do not remove or add any extra columns to the spreadsheet. This will cause the import to fail.
  • We recommend uploading a single row initially. When you are happy with the upload process you can then confidently upload more data.

Step 3 – Upload the saved data

  1. From the Explorer click SetupImport Data.
  2. The Import Data page will open.
  3. Click ‘Upload Data‘ on the ‘Customers‘ row.
  4. A window containing an upload dialog box will open.
  5. Locate the saved spreadsheet using ‘Browse‘, then click ‘Upload‘. This will upload your data (as shown below).

Uploading the saved Excel Spreadsheet

Uploading the saved Excel Spreadsheet

Depending on the amount of data, it may take some time to upload. Please be patient!