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Processing Payments using IPN

Payments using the Immediate Payment Notification (IPN) method is applied to taking payments for Cash Sales and Customer Payments.

A popup form (hosted by the Payment Processor Company) is used to capture the Credit Card Details. When the payment is completed, an automated notification from the Payment Processor indicates whether the payment has been successful or not. If successful, the status on the originating Document (e.g. Cash Sale or Customer Payment) will be updated.

How to Process Payments using IPN

As an example let’s look at processing a Customer Payment (it is similar for a Cash Sale). The following steps show how this is done:

We are assuming here that you know how the Customer Payment Document is used. If not see Working with Payments from Customers.

  1. Make sure that your Payment Processor is enabled, and that the default Payment Processor is set in the relevant currency. See here.
  2. For a particular Customer or Invoice click on ‘Receive Payment‘ from the ‘Action’ dropdown.
  3. A New Customer Payment Document will display.
  4. Select which invoices you wish to pay using the checkbox in front of the line items.
  5. Select the Payment Method tab.
  6. From the payment method dropdown, select Credit Card (see below).

Setting the payment method

Setting the payment method

The payment processor will default to that set in the associated currency. In this example we are paying by Credit Card, some Payment Processors also allow payment by eCheck.

  1. Click on the ‘Process Payment‘ button.
  2. A page similar to the one shown below will open.
  3. To complete the payment:

Payment Processors

Step 1 – Click the ‘Make Payment‘ button. This will popup the payment form.

Step 2 – Fill in the payment form details and submit.

Step 3 – When the payment has completed click ‘Finish‘.

Once the payment has been completed, the associated Customer Payment Document will have been automatically updated with the relevant status as a result of the notification from the Payment Processor (below).

Status of payment

In the above example, the payment was successful.

If for some reason the payment was not successful, the process status would be set to REJECTED and the Payment Status to NOT RECEIVED. View the Payment Processor Log for a rejection reason. This log will also provide you with all the required information from the Payment Processor (see below).

Viewing the payment processor log

Viewing the payment processor log

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