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Plugins allow extra functionality to be added to the standard version of your system. Plugins can be installed free of charge for a trial period of 7 days.

Go to SetupPlugins to see available Plugins, and how they are used to extend your system.

How to View the Available Plugins

  1. From the Explorer select Setup -> Plugins -> Plugin Store.
  2. The list of available Plugins will show.
  3. Optionally select ‘Show Custom Plugins’.
  4. Select More info to get more information via the Plugin Information Page, and register/install the Plugin.
  5. A new page will open, with more information as well as explanatory video(s) and/or screenshots.

Viewing the plugin store

How to register a Plugin

  1. Before a plugin can be installed it must be registered.
  2. Select More Info for the plugin you wish to register.
  3. Select Register.
  4. Enter your Email address as prompted.
  5. Select Confirm Registration.

Register a plugin

How to install a Plugin

  1. After confirming registration, the plugin can be installed.
  2. Select ‘Install Now’.
  3. There is an option to pay for the Plugin on this page (if it is not free). All Plugins can be used for 7 days before payment is required.
  4. A confirmation page will show.

Install plugin

How to use a Plugin

  1. After installing the Plugin, it is ready for use.
  2. The confirmation page may have a link to the configuration options.
  3. Select Configure to go to the configuration page.
  4. Follow the instructions, which differs per plugin.

The Plugin Information Page gives an indication how the plugin should be used.

From the list of installed Plugins, you can also pay for, uninstall or even de-register the Plugin if required.

Using a plugin

Custom Plugins

If you want a Plugin that is not included in the standard list, then please contact customer services to discuss your exact requirements.

There is no limit to the capability of Plugins, feel free to chat with us to see what is possible and the approximate costs involved.