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Shopping Carts

The Shopping Cart Plugin allows you to integrate your shopping carts and orders with your system.

The Shopping Cart Plugin uses the Cart Connect facility to:

  • Connect to a Cart using one of our pre-built connectors, or
  • Use the Cart Connect API to implement a custom integration with your Cart.

Typical functionality that is supported by the Shopping Cart Plugin is as follows:

From Cart to

  • Automatic importing of Orders
  • Automatic updating of Customer details
  • Automatic updating of Item details
  • Selective importing of Orders
  • Selective importing of Customers
  • Selective importing of Items

From to Cart

  • Real-time stock level updates from to the Cart
  • Automatic update of Customer details
  • Automatic update of Item details
  • Selective export of Items
  • Selective export of Customers

Information on currently supported carts.

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