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Working with your account

Your account allows you to do a number of things such as:

  • Pay your monthly subscription
  • Add or remove user licenses
  • Upgrade or add extra services when available

Your account can be accessed through the website.

From within the application, certain details of your account can be accessed as well.

  1. From the Explorer go to SetupYour Account.
  2. The ‘Your Account’ page is displayed (see below).

The account page

The account page

Some fields are explained below:

Number of User Licenses

The number of User Licenses you currently have. The maximum number of Workers with active logins that can log into the system simultaneously.

Number of Active Users

The number of Workers that have their login enabled i.e. that can actually log into the system.

How to Increase or decrease the number of User Licenses

  1. Login to your salesorder account by clicking here. (The login option on the website)
  2. Click on Products/Services and view your current subscription package.
  3. Click on upgrade/downgrade package button.
  4. Click on the package with the number of users you require, from the upgrade/downgrade options.

Before reducing the number of user licenses, ensure that the current number of Active Users is less than or equal to the new Number Of User Licenses you require.

To reduce the number of Active Users simply uncheck the ‘Enable Login’ checkbox on those Workers who no longer need to be active. (See Working with Workers)

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