How to implement your system

The journey:

Design & Plan ⇛

Meet with an expert who will quickly understand your business and challenges. We’ll work with you to craft a solution and plan to deploy.

Adapt & Adopt ⇛

We’ll help you set up your system and migrate your data. If necessary we’ll customize your system. We’ll teach and work with your users to adapt and streamline your workflows.

Run and Measure ⟰

We’ll help you consistently measure and refine the velocity of your workflows using analytics and automation .

Choose your implementation road map:


We’ll work with you to set up your system, migrate your master and key types of transactions. See below ‘Historical and Live Transactions’. ( Included = ✅ ) You’ll still need to set up unchecked items. 


To setup quickly, review ALL of the steps before you begin as you’ll definitely need to make some key decisions and do some preparation. You MUST follow the steps in the order listed.

“Like you transforming the velocity of your business is our priority. Our vision is delivering a solution which can be deployed quickly with minimum capex and fuss…”Robert Taylor , Chief Technical Officer