Ecommerce ERP in the cloud for wholesalers: automate and optimize order to cash

  • Multichannel ERP solution: cut sales effort, protect margin, get orders 24/7.
  • Automate and customize order management: accurate, efficient fulfillment.
  • Track individual inventory: model any type of SKU and it’s lifecycle.
  • Joined up automated accounting: streamline AR and AP tasks.system

Ecommerce ERP software - let your customers serve themselves

Trade Acceleration Portals: personalized self service for your customers

Cloud-ERP-solution with b2b-ecommerce-portal

Multichannel: frictionless and customizable order capture

Our Ecommerce ERP enables you to create b2b multiple self-service portals that can be customized to deliver a personalized experience to every shape and size of customer.

Every category of information in our order and inventory management software for wholesalers can be presented in the portal. You can deliver the information each customer needs, for example:

  • Order status
  • Product catalog and SKU availability
  • Datasheets
  • Customer-specific price-lists
  • Customer statements

Every type of transaction can be captured and presented in the portal, for example:

  • Quotes can be requested or presented and approved.
  • Sales Orders can be captured and reflect their fulfillment status.
  • Invoices can be presented for payment.
  • Customers can make Card payments.
  • RMAs can be processed and approved.

Portal users can set up approval roles, attach documents, and make card payments.

Multiple personalized portals

You can replicate and deploy as many different portals as you need. We don’t charge per portal. For example, you could give each of your key customers a personalized portal.

Ecommerce from carts and marketplaces

Out of the box, it takes less than a minute to connect:

  • Shopify
  • Amazon Seller, Amazon FBA,
  • Big Commerce,
  • Woocommerce
  • Magento 2.0

Because our ERP ecommerce solution for wholesalers has battle-tested foundations for 40+ different vendor stores, it takes around five working days for us to integrate an additional vendor’s store not listed above.

Our order management software can ingest orders simultaneously from multiple e-commerce stores. Based on your preferences we can send back information about the order and stock status to your store(s).

Based upon your payment playbook, our cloud based ERP software can call back to payment gateways to capture payment when the order is ready to ship.

EDI, API, FTP, or File import


Our Ecommerce ERP for wholesalers can automate EDI document flows of orders,  i.e. 850, 855, 856, 810, 846. We have SPS Commerce ready functions to accelerate deployment.

We can provide EDI vendor gateway alternatives which use X12 and FTP.


Our REST API facilitates integration with web services. Web services or APIs allow the transmission of data and actions across different applications and sites through a language-agnostic interface.

Using either your own developers or ours, your system can be integrated with virtually any business application that supports REST or web services.


We can organize, set up and automate secure file exchange through FTP (file transfer protocol).

Order Import

We can automate the transformation and ingestion of customer orders from .xlsx or similar formats, including email and.csv.

Rapid manual Order entry

If eliminating phone conversations or email to capture orders is not an option, we can help you make these tasks as efficient as possible. Your customer interactions will be smooth and professional.

Regardless of how complex your products or sales playbooks, or the volume of lines you offer and sell, our ecommerce ERP for wholesalers can be adapted to give you a high-performance outcome.


Order capture demo

Adaptable order capture

Dropshipping and ‘just in time’

Our order and inventory management software for wholesalers gracefully handles drop shipping and just in time orders. For Sales Orders which require vendor collaboration to deliver products to your customer, automation creates and dispatches commensurate Purchase Orders.

Sales quotes

If you’re quoting current or custom products or configuring to order, our ecommerce ERP software has quotation tools that can be adapted to fit with your requirements.

Kits, Assemblies, Lots, Serial numbers

If you’re building to order, or selling kits, assemblies, lots or SKUs with serial numbers, our multichannel ERP for wholesalers does this with simplicity and efficiency.


Whatever your order capture process we can quickly adapt the user experience to dovetail into your process. For example:

  • Calculate commission on the fly to incentivize salespeople.
  • Calculate gross margin and control thresholds
  • Apply rules that determine freight terms i.e. free or pre-paid.

Ecommerce ERP with CRM to always sell and serve to a high standard

Accurate customer profiles

We make knowing your customers and serving them consistently to a high standard achievable. The key to success is in the information you store, and how it’s used.

Eliminate embarrassing errors

Whether order capture is manual, or automated or through a digital channel, new orders can automatically inherit information and apply controls preset on the customer master. This enforces consistency and accuracy, and eliminates errors which frustrate customers (and your team)

Customizable Customer masters

You can customize and extend screens to add your own parameters. Out of the box you can preset; contact, currency, terms, Tax, price list, default warehouse, freight terms, shipping method, territory, sales rep, billing and shipping address, use customer shipping account.


CRM demo

Model and apply any type of price lists 

You can design and add any type of price list to our order and inventory solution for wholesalers. These price lists can be configured to apply on both customer and supplier transactions. You can preset price lists to automatically apply to individual or groups of customers.

Typical applications are; a simple percentage discount off one, a group or all SKUs, price breaks for volumes, restricting what SKU can be sold to which customer, currency specific pricing.

Rigourous approvals and credit controls

We make exercising the level of rigour applied at order capture simple and easy to configure, apply and even automate. Permissions to approve pending orders from digital channels, or unallocated orders can be preset on user roles.

Because of the seamless linkages in our ecommerce ERP solution for wholesalers between accounting and CRM, the customer credit balance on the customer master is updated in real-time.

Based upon your credit policy, the customer’s credit limit can be preset on the customer master. Crossing this threshold can trigger an automation to permit or restrain the types of transactions allowed, i.e. Cash only or save orders as pending.

Email integration, automated notifications (and persuading customers to serve themselves)

Using the same method as connecting and using email on your phone, you can ‘bake’ your email accounts into this ecommerce ERP for wholesalers.

Customer masters automatically filter email from multiple mailboxes, so as users only see email specific to the customer.

The email integration, together with user configurable templates and automation, can be configured to send notifications relative to milestones or events in your order management workflow, i.e. Order received, order shipped, tracking information, etc.

Alternatively to gently persuade customers to serve themselves you can simple send them a link in email to your Trade Acceleration Portal.

RMA (Return Material Authorization)

Rapid rectification of issues with SKUs like returns, replacements and write off is a key part of a good customer experience. The RMA functionality in our order and inventory management software for wholesalers makes managing and tracking the process both intuitive and efficient. 

Creating a new Sales Order to allocate and ship SKUs, issuing a Credit Note or Refund can be done from the RMA Document. 

If you’re using the Warehouse management system you can receive returned SKUs, update stock levels, and alert stakeholders.


Automate stock allocation and back orders to achieve service goals

Automate back orders

Reducing and optimizing inventory whilst increasing service levels is at the heart of what we do to help businesses perform at their best. We can help you to free up and make better use of working capital. However, there will always be times when you need to backorder products.

To accelerate the process of detecting, and aggregating SKU shortfall quantities from open sales orders, our order management software for wholesalers includes back order automation to efficiently generate purchase orders which meet minimum order value/quantity parameters.

This process and the transmission of purchase orders can be automated. Sales Orders and Purchase orders are explicitly linked so as all stakeholders can track ETAs and progress.


Purchase Order Generator by Sales Order demo.


Purchase Order Generator by Item (SKU) demo.

Automate stock allocation

Stock allocation ‘ring-fences’ SKU quantities and logically precedes any intervention by the warehouse. Stock allocation decisions can be automated or performed manually.

Approved orders can be prioritized, and fully or partially allocated. Clear indicators tell users the allocation status of every Order and SKU. Our order management software always knows what stock is available where, what is on hand and what is free.

Even when stock allocation is automated users can subsequently make manual adjustments to meet service level goals.


Stock allocation automation demo

Fulfilling orders in volume, and tracking SKU journeys

Users can manually or automatically create single or batches of ‘shipments’ from Sales Orders.

You can create multiple shipments from orders to correspond to SKU availability or allocation priorities. The Shipment contains and tracks the complete set of information required to get the physical inventory from the warehouse to the customer.

The Shipment stores:

  • Shipping priority
  • List of SKUs and quantities
  • Pick list
  • Packing list
  • Shipping carrier and method
  • Subsequent weight
  • Packaging type and identification
  • Tracking number
  • Date information
  • Original Sales Order

Shipments can be viewed by stakeholders from the Shipments lists on Sales Orders, in the order management software and through the Trade Acceleration Portal.

Pick, pack and ship efficiently at pace

Warehouse management 2.0

Our order management software for wholesalers, can model and track, kits, assemblies, lots, batches, and SKUs with serial numbers.

Stock is your other working capital. So it makes sense the existence and journey of every instance of a SKU should be tracked from origin to final destination.

The warehouse management system built into our order management software for wholesalers, mirrors and tracks the physical being and movement of every SKU, the status and activity of every location, and every action taken by warehouse people or automation. For example, using barcodes to receive, put-away, pick-pack-ship, count.

Because the entire warehouse is configurable and customizable it can be used to manage any warehouse model, i.e. multi-echelon, third party logistics, etc.

Warehouse management system overview 

Customizable Picking

Pick methods and workflows that limit motion waste, accommodate order type and priorities, but work for competing delivery schedules, delivery destinations, and customer types need flexible software and thoughtful design and testing.

Because the warehouse management system is customizable, complex pick strategies can be quickly scripted and added. Out of the box, users can configure simple pick instructions.

Customizable Packing

Users can preset packing types with their respective identifiers i.e. packaging type or box dimensions. Warehouse teams can add tags and print packing slips.

Warehouse packing locations can be configured and identified with barcodes, which can be coded into the pick instructions.

Shipping Automation

You can connect and ship with 150+ shipping vendors from our order management software. The built-in warehouse management software is tightly integrated with Easypost.

Easypost is ‘baked’ into the warehouse management console user interface on the Shipping tab.

Users can capture package quantities and weights, select and merge shipments, request and review rates, and choose and order shipping methods. Users can then print shipping label. Tracking numbers are posted back to the Shipment transactions.

For low volume shipping operations, our cloud ERP solution has streamlined integration with Shipstation, Shipworks, and UPS Worldship.

Automate invoicing and payments

Automate Invoice creation and mailing

Whether it be one or hundreds of orders, the fusion of order management and multicurrency accounting in our ecommerce ERP solution means the Sales Order to Sales Invoice (or Cash Sale) process can be completed in one click.

One more click will email all of the resulting invoices to their respective contacts and customers.


Sales Invoice Automation demo

Streamline Card, ACH and digital payments

ACH (eCheck) and Card payment processing can be configured in our order management system. We connect with Cybersource, Paragon Solutions,, Paypal, and USA ePay. Other gateways and processors can be added in 2 to 4 weeks.

You can authorize and capture payments, and store the customer’s card for future transactions. Your customers can pay through the Trade Acceleration Portal and we provide a range of other solutions for automating customer payments.

Multicurrency, tax agnostic accounting

Easy: legacy accounting data migration, adoption and usability.

No integration. Our ecommerce ERP solution has built-in enterprise accounting functions. Our system automates tedious back-office accounts receivable and accounts payable tasks.

The accounting functions are easy to learn and use. Migration from existing platforms is straightforward and rapid. We have multiple strategies for preserving legacy accounts data, and transferring open transactions and balances.

Our in house finance team and support experts are here to guide you through the most complex of tasks.


Accounting functions tour

Track and analyze customer transactions and interactions

360 degree view of every Customer

The Customer master enables users to track, send, and receive email from any IMAP connected mailbox.

Our ecommerce ERP solution has tools to store and manage contact lists, notes, reminders, tasks related to each transaction, or interaction at the user’s fingertips. In the background, the order management software keeps a detailed history of every save and edit.

Searchable and detailed transaction history of every document Opportunities, Quotes, Orders, Shipments, Invoices, Credit Notes, Payments, Cash Sales, and Refunds.


Analyze trends and discover opportunities from truly joined up, real time data 

Our ecommerce ERP solution for wholesalers stores joined up data from all sales, fulfillment and accounting activities for every customer (and a full audit trail).

Whatever your reporting and analysis needs we can provide the best reporting experience for every type of user.

Using BI tools such as Power BI, Tableau, Jaspersoft Studio or OLAP, the standard reports can be augmented to help you get more value from your data.