Shopify Integration

“Managing our numerous stores on Shopify was a logistical nightmare, until Salesorder saved the day. The Shopify integration with Salesorder has simplified and streamlined our whole operation.”Sandra Pillosky, Shopify merchandiser

Multiply your channels

Scale up your online presence. We make adding and managing Shopify stores as well as other ecommerce carts straightforward and cost-effective, providing:

  • Multiple marketplaces and cart integration
  • One central point of control
  • Shopify inventory management
  • Shopify warehouse management
  • Shopify inventory tracking
  • Shopify and Amazon integration

From one central point of control, you can integrate Shopify and numerous other channels, easily managing stock, orders and your accounting over multiple storefronts.

360 degree CRM

A 360-degree visibility of customer interactions and transactions gives you complete control when integrating Shopify and Salesorder.

  • Integrate email
  • Drill down into every transaction
  • Preset and personalize customer preferences
  • Capture and track every lead
  • Track sales forecasts
  • Draw up any sales report imaginable

Run your entire operation from one central cloud-based CRM solution, and have full auditable control of every aspect.

Fulfillment & Automation

Automate the fulfillment of Shopify orders to eliminate drudgery and waste, allowing more work to be done with fewer resources.

  • Automatically detect events and take action
  • Trigger the creation of transactions based on events
  • Sequentialize a series of related tasks
  • Batch process actions such as orders and payments
  • Automation ensures error-free consistency

Automatic order fulfillment for Shopify is highly customizable with the inventory and order management workflows.


Accounting software for Shopify is only provided via various integrations, but do not risk a Frankenstein type of integration! Instead, Salesorder already provides Accounting software designed for eCommerce.

  • Trusted by CPA’s and business owners
  • Tax agnostic
  • Multi-currency
  • Rich classifications
  • Process online payments
  • Draw up any report imaginable

An integrated accounting solution providing complete control of your cash flow with real-time, joined-up dashboards and reports.

Intelligence & Analytics

Grow your Shopify store with business intelligence and analytics. Joined-up reports and analytics provide you an ‘always-on’ remotely accessible view of the latest statistics and numbers.

  • Customizable dashboards
  • Real-time granularity
  • Drill down and bookmark
  • Share intelligence
  • Powerful classes
  • We design reports for you

Being informed on the spot and able to plan ahead, are core tools needed to take any ecommerce store to the next level.


Exactly tailor the integration to suit your business and budget. Flexible solutions can adapt as your business grows. Simple tools allow you to customize documents, workflows, reports, and user interaction.

  • Create custom dashboards
  • Plugin store provides additional features
  • Customize reports to your needs
  • Document templates to match your brands and style
  • Automate workflows
  • Assign custom roles to users

The Salesorder team can assist with the onboarding process, with customizing and importing your online store details seamlessly.

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