Quickly determine if we can help you run a smarter faster business

Follow the steps to find your solution now

1_yAn expert will review your core workflows, pain points and give you an estimate of costs

2Watch an end to end overview of the app

3_yGet a trial of the complete app

4Learn how to use the app – basic principles / navigation

6Try modelling your products in the app

5_yTry out your core workflow(s)

7_yTry other workflows, i.e. create Purchase Orders

8Q and A with an expert + specify and get estimates for customization(s)

9_yConfirm you’ve decided to purchase and implement

Implementation Steps

10Create user adoption plan: how people will switch over and use the app

11_yDecide the date you’ll start entering live transactions

12Setup – configure key settings in the app

13_yData migration – plan and execute cleaning and moving your data

14User training and testing

15_yFinal checks and adjustments