Using Lots

using lots in order management

To use and track Lots you’ll need the WMS added to your system.

When you receive Items from a Purchase Order into the Warehouse you can add Lot identifiers to Instances. Lots are stock instances with a quantity greater than one.

The system recognizes when a Lot is created and adds it to the Lot List.

Lot Tracking

From the Lot List, you can view which Purchase Orders the Lots were received from and drill down on each Lot to view which Sales Orders the Items from the Lot were sold on, and therefore which customers Lots were sold to. You can also track Lot activity on RMAs.

Change Lot ID

A unit of stock (SKU) or an inventory item. It is a physical product that you can purchase, stock and sell. See Using Stock Items.

Change Lot creation date

From the Lot List, you can review and add/edit the creation date for a Lot.

Expiry date

From the Lot List, you can review and add/edit an expiry date for a Lot.

Delete Lot

You should not use the Delete action. Contact if you really do need to delete a Lot.

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