Using Group Items

Using Items in Order Management

A Group Item is an Item composed from a list of sub-Items.

The Group Item is an efficient way of representing a group of Items as a single row or flattened group of rows in the Line Item table on Sales and Purchasing Documents.

It is typically used when you want to sell a group of Items as a single entity. It is an easy way to add a group of items to the line item table in a Sales or Purchase Document.

To create a Group Item, go to:



Check the Use Group Item Prices checkbox to use the Unit prices specified in the table.

If the checkbox is not checked then the Items will use the Sales unit price from the respective Item masters.


You can print a Group Item as a single line on Sales or Purchasing Documents using the Print as single line option.

For Sales documents, check option.

For Purchase documents, check Print as single line (purchasing) option.

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