WMS: Lots and Lot Manager

Configure Using Items

If you’re using the warehouse management system (WMS) you need to know all Items are created as an Instance. Instances can represent Lots. T

he Lot Manager helps you track and manage instances.

Lot Tracking

An ‘Instance’ represents a physical product (Item/SKU) at a particular location in your warehouse.

If the quantity is greater than 1 then all Items are ‘identical’. For example, 32 Cans of soup, all at the same location, all received from the same PO can be represented as an Instance with quantity 32.

When you receive a quantity of stock into the warehouse you can create an Instance with a Lot number and the respective quantity.

If you remove an Item from its respective Lot it becomes an instance but retains the Lot number of the original Lot.

Lot Manager Overview

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