Using Email Templates

email templates

You can create templates that can be selected and applied to their respective Documents. For example, you need templates specific to a Document type i.e. Sales Invoice. 

The system contains informative examples. The quickest way to learn how to create a template is to refer to the examples provided in the Email Templates List. Just edit an example to review how they can be setup.


Setup Email Template

Setup > Email Templates > New Template > Choose type

When you create and save a template it will appear in a dropdown list ‘Template:’ located on the email window displayed when you click the ‘Email’ Action on the Customer, Supplier or transaction Document.

Mail Merge Parameters (Variables)

Customers and Suppliers


Customer/Supplier Payment

Documents (Sales Orders/Invoices/Bills etc.)

Customer Statement


Company Information (available to all templates)

Personal (Logged in Worker) Info (available to all templates)

${@partnerRef} for ‘customer ref’ on docs

${@fieldname} for any field on doc (found by looking at the source)

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