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A Memo is a tool to store the following types of memo on any Document:

  • Reminder
  • Note
  • Task 
  • Event

You can assign memos to other users. The assigned Memo will appear in their To-do list i.e. ORGANIZER > To-Do List.

Unless they are created from the Memo list, Memos have a link (reference) to their parent Document. 

When a Document appears in a List and has a Memo, an indicator icon will be displayed at the right end of the row (the square with lines).

Configure-SalesUsing Memos

New Memo

Use Organizer

To create new memo, go to: ORGANIZER > Memos > +

Use Documents

Every Document has a Add Memo option on the green header strip. You will find this adjacent to the right of the Document name. It’s a square with a circle inside. When you mouse over this icon, a tooltip Create New Memo will be displayed.

Memo: Configuration

To configure memos, go to:

SETUP > Configuration > Organizer > Memo


Organizer > Memos > Select Memo > Configure

The following configuration options are available.

Here you can add Memo types to categorize or give Memos a context.

For example: follow up or payment expected.create memo


(Create New Memo Type)

You can create new Memo Type using + icon.

Memo types help categorize or give context when creating Memos.

For example: Follow up or payment expected.

Customize Fields

A Memo consists of fields, sections and tabs. The Salesorder app allows you to customize all the parts of the Memo.

To customize fields, sections and tabs of a Memo, refer to Using Customization

General tab

Memo Types

All the Memo types defined in the app are listed in this section.You have the option to view and delete the memo types.

Memo fields

SubjectLine of text that identifies the intent of the memo.
ReferenceThe parent Document.
To-DoAdd to the To-Do List.
Display in WMSOnly on Purchase Owners and Shipments. Displays the text of the Memo (Note) when clicked.
Memo TypeAn arbitrary value specified by you, see Configure Memos above.
PriorityNormal, High, Low, Urgent. See Using Bank Reconciliation.
Status of the taskNot Started, In Progress, Complete, Overdue (all set manually).
Notes tab
NotesFree text area.
Details tab
Created byOwner.
ScheduleDate and time in the Calendar.
Duration (HH:MM)The anticipated, or recorded duration of the task (manually set).
WWW Link.An URL.
Assigned toChanges the Memo Owner (see Using Owners).
Assigned onThe date of the last change of Owner.
ReminderSet a reminder date.
Email me the reminderEmail the reminder to.

Listing Memos

If the user is a Customer or Supplier, it will list all of the Memos on the child Documents (transactions). This icon is used to list the Memos for this Document.

Configure Sales Using Memos3

All Documents have a Memos Tab

All Documents have a Memos tab. This tab contains a searchable list of Memos for that Document.

To access this tab, Select a Document >  go to Memos tab.

For example,

SALES > Prospects > Select a prospect > Memos tab.

Memos can be viewed from a List

To access this list, go to:


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