Using Notes

All Documents have a Notes tab.

A Note lets you add free text as a note on a Document. Notes have a timestamp and an owner. This information is displayed along with the Note on the Notes tab on the Document. 

To add a Note, select the Document first and then go to,

SALES > Sales Invoices > Select an Invoice

On the Notes tab, click Add new Note.

In the pop-up window, enter the note description and click Save .

You also have the option to edit and delete Notes in the Notes tab,  if you are assigned to a role that has permission to edit and delete notes.

Setup Permissions on Notes

To setup permissions on Notes, go to:

SETUP > Configuration > General > Notes

You can set the following permissions on Notes to restrict editing and deletion:

  • Only allow edit/delete by Owner.
  • Only allow edit/delete by Administrator.

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