Setup Company

This is a one time, set and forget task.

To view and change the Company configuration, go to:

COMPANY > Company Info > Configure to view and change the Company configuration.

Use the ‘Configure’ action to change the settings below. From here you can edit and save values.

Details tab

The Company Info Document stores the details required by Sales and Purchasing documents to identify your business, i.e. your company name, address, and logo.

To align your accounting records with your fiscal year, select a month in the ‘First month in fiscal year’ field.

To set the base currency of your General Ledger, select the currency. Once set you cannot change this. Contact if you make a mistake here.

Date Format/Timezone tab

Commensurate with the above details, you can set the Date format and timezone. The date format appears on Documents throughout your system. The timezone setting ensures your documents have the correct date.

Logo/Strap line tab

Upload your logo. Use .jpg or .png formats. The maximum size is 500 x 500 pixels. This logo will appear on all of your Sales and Purchase Documents.

Depending upon the shape of the logo, you may need to experiment with the pixel dimensions. Contact if you need help getting the logo to look good.

Email Tab

Integrate your business email (recommended)

Check the ‘Use Integrated Email’ box to enable this feature. (recommended). See Using Email.

Integrated Email lets you connect your company mailboxes into Salesorder so you can individually correspond with your Leads, Prospects, Customers, and Suppliers (trading partners).

This function enables your users to send and receive email from multiple mailboxes to your trading partners and their respective contacts. The email function on the trading partner master enables users to track respective email dialogues, i.e. by customer, by the mailbox. See Using Email.

Fallback email function

The following fields are for a fallback email system:

Default (From:) address
Default address for copies
Plain Text signature
Standard Email signature

This mail system allows you to send mail using a mail address through the Sendgrid mail platform. Sendgrid provides a robust and managed service to deliver and track emails. If you need a fallback system, please contact

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