Setup Web to Lead

Originally this function was designed to capture Leads from a web page.

We’ve enhanced this to enable you to create a Lead, Prospect or Customer from the form.

  1. Go to: SETUP  > Configuration.
  2. Under the General section choose Generate Web Forms.
  3. Choose whether the submission of the form creates a Lead, Prospect or Customer.
  4. Define Success URL and Failure URL (which would normally be a page on your website) and a couple of other fields such as Campaign and Source.
  5. Click on Generate Form. A sample HTML form is created in the area below.
  6.  Click on the link in the Click to test form field to test the HTML form.
  7. If all looks good, copy and paste the HTML code into the target page(s).
  8. Apply styles if needed.

The fields and their id names in the HTML form are as follows:

Display Name HTML Field Ids
First Name fname
Last Name lname
Gender gender
First line of address addr1
Second line of address addr2
City city
Country country
State state
Post Code postcode
Phone 1 phone1
Phone 2 phone2
Fax Number fax
Mobile Number mobile
Website website
Email email
Company companyname
Campaign campaign
Female f
Male m
Description description
Notes notes
Status status

Once a new Customer | Prospect | Lead is defined in the system, Salesorder allows you to perform transactions on them, through their respective Document.

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