Setup Shipping (EasyPost)

EasyPost is a Shipping API  that aims to abstract all the complexities of integrating with logistics carriers like USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc.

It is currently available in North America, United Kingdom and Australia.

EasyPost enables you to:

  • View your potential shipping expenses upfront.
  • Select the best carrier based on the destination, package size, weight, the type, and your preferred service options.
  • Access top carriers like USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc.
  • View more shipping options and lowers costs for you and your customers while lowering time-to-freight.

EasyPost: Installation

The EasyPost integration with Salesorder comprises of two steps:

Sign up for EasyPost Account

Signing up with EasyPost is free.

After signup, go to:

Your EasyPost Account > API Keys

You will find your Production API Keys and Test API keys here.

You will need these API keys when configuring the EasyPost plugin in Salesorder app.

Configure EasyPost plugin in Salesorder

To locate the plugin, go to Salesorder app :

SETUP > Plugins > Plugin Store

Locate the EasyPost plugin.

Click on More Info link.

Click Register > Confirm Registration.

After successful registration, click on Install Now.

Once the plugin is installed, click on Plugin Configuration Page link.

Alternatively, to edit the plugin configuration, go to:

SETUP > Plugins > Registered Plugins > EasyPost > Configure

EasyPost: Setup for Evaluation

Follow the steps in this video to set up an  Easypost evaluation


EasyPost Plugin: Configuration 

To edit plugin configuration, go to:

SETUP > Plugins > Registered Plugins > EasyPost > Configure

The EasyPost plugin configuration options in Salesorder are as follows:


Enable or disable the plugin.

Check to enable the plugin.


Checking this option, connects to the Live | Production version of EasyPost.

Uncheck this option, to connect to the sandbox version, when testing the API.

EasyPost API Key

On creating an account with EasyPost, you will receive an API key for your account.

Enter the Production API key, when Live option is checked.

Use the Test API key, when Live option is unchecked.

Label Format

Specify the format in which your shipping labels will be displayed for printing. You can choose between PNG or PDF formats.

Configure Shipping Carriers

Shipping Carriers can be configured as follows:

Configure Shipping Carriers in Salesorder

To configure shipping carriers in Salesorder, go to :

SETUP > Configuration > Configure Shipping Carriers > New Shipping Carrier

The following fields are displayed:

Shipping carrier name: Provide a name. For e.g. USPS, FedEx, etc

Shipping carrier description: Provide a short description.

Shipping products: Define all the applicable shipping products for the selected carrier.

For e.g. if shipping carrier is USPS then shipping products can be Priority Mail Express, Priority Mail, First-Class Package Service-Commercial™, Parcel Select, etc.

Default shipping product: Set a default shipping product. For e.g. ParcelSelect for USPS.

These settings are visible at the following locations in Salesorder app:

SALES > Customers > Profile tab > Trading information > Ship via (Shipping carrier name) and Shipping method (Shipping products)

SALES > Shipments > Ship via (Shipping carrier name) and Shipping method (Shipping products)

In the WMS console, these setting are visible under the Shipping tab > Options pane > Ship via (Shipping carrier name) and Shipping method (Shipping products)

EasyPost and Shipping Carriers

To configure the Carrier Accounts in your EasyPost Account, login to your account, go to:

Your Account > Carrier Accounts

This page will display a list of all your Shipping Carrier Accounts and their corresponding Carrier Account Ids.

If you wish to add a new Shipping Carrier, you can do so from the same screen.

When the API is triggered through Salesorder app, by default, the API gets rates for all the Shipping Carrier Accounts configured in EasyPost.

Salesorder gives you an option to filter and configure a set of shipping carriers for a given Customer.

To configure this option, go to:

SALES > Customers > Select Customer > EasyPost

A pop window will be displayed. Enter the Shipping Carrier Name and Carrier Account Id details here. You can enter one or more carrier accounts.

On setting this option, when the Salesorder triggers the API for the given Customer, instead of the default behavior, the API will get the rates only for the specified Carrier Accounts.

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