Setup Roles ( user access and permissions )

Roles control user permissions (access and actions). Users (Workers) can be assigned Roles. You can set up Roles in the ‘Roles’ List in Setup.

Setup > Roles

You can configure as many different Roles as you need. Roles let you control who has access to what and what actions they can perform on what they can access. You can give each Role a name and description.


There are two dimensions to ‘Ownership permissions’:

  1. What User ‘owned’ Documents the Role is allowed to interact with, i.e. ‘Others’, ‘Your respective Team’, Your ‘Office’ (see below)
  2. What the Role is allowed to do to a Document, i.e. Create, View, Edit, Delete.

Setup ‘Your Team and ‘Your Office’

These are fields on Worker and located on the Contact tab in the right-hand column of fields. Be careful with the values you enter here. They need to be exactly consistent with every Worker for the permissions to be applied.

Navigational access

Roles can be configured to determine which elements on the Explorer and in the Shortcut (header) bar are displayed when the user logs in. For example, you can configure a Role so users cannot see the ‘Accounting’ node on the Explorer.

Approver Permissions on Sales and Purchase Orders

On Sales and Purchase Orders there are two fields ‘Approval’ and ‘Authorised by’. These work in concert to control the subsequent behavior of the respective Documents. For example, a Sales Order has to be approved before you can allocated Stock, and a Purchase Order has to be approved before you can create a Bill (Purchase Invoice).

You can enable Approval via the configuration of the Role assigned to the Worker. The ‘Authorised by’ field is populated with the Worker’s name when you change the Approval status on the Document, i.e. Approved.

There is a setting on the Sales Order configuration:

Sales Order > Configure > Approval > ‘Always Defaults to Not Approved’

This setting overrides the user’s default approver permission.

Approvals by Workers on Credit control

You can set a Role to be able to control a user’s ability to regulate the credit status of a Customer specifically:

  • On Sales Orders, there is a checkbox to place the order on ‘credit hold’.
  • Perform actions on the Customer List to ‘Set on hold status’ and ‘Take off hold status’.
  • Approve documents with status PENDING (CREDIT).

Note there are five checkboxes related to Credit on a Role:

  • Approval Permissions > Customer Credits.
  • Customers > Change customer status ‘On Hold’.
  • Customers > Change customer ‘Credit Limit’.
  • Customers > Change customer ‘Payment Terms’.

Approvals by Workers on Expenses and Timesheets

On Expense and Timesheet Documents there are two fields ‘Approval’ and ‘Authorised by’. If the Role is configured to give the user permissions to approve these Documents then the Line items on:

  • Expense Documents will be posted to the respective Expense accounts in the General Ledger.
  • Timesheets will be posted to the respective Jobs. 

Sales Forecast Permissions

Allow the Role to create or access, Personal, Team or the total (Full) Sales Forecast.

Reporting Permissions

Allow the Role to access specific or multiple groups of Reports.

Warehouse management console access

When you enable a user’s Login their identity and Login name appears in the Admin section of the warehouse management console. To enable a user’s Login to the WMS see ‘Warehouse management system – Admin’.

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