Using Owners

Default Owner

Workers can be Document Owners. Owners specify which Document is owned by which Worker. Every Document has an Owner.

When a User creates a Document, they automatically own the respective Document. Documents inherit their respective Owner from:

  • The Trading Partner, specifically; Customer, Supplier, or Worker.
  • The preceding Document in the workflow, i.e. Sales Invoice inherits Owner from corresponding Sales Order.

Alternative Owner

You can configure the inheritance behavior to preserve an alternative to the default Owner who created the Document.

For example, you have an order entry person who enters Sales Orders on behalf of a mobile or contract salesperson (Sales Agent). The following setting causes the system to override the default behavior by preserving the Owner that is present on the Trading partner.

  1. Go to Setup > Roles > Permissions > Ownership options.
  2. Check the ‘Preserve ownership of sales documents’ checkbox.

In the above order entry/salesperson example, the Customer would be ‘owned’ by the Salesperson. The Salesperson would be a Worker in your system. This Worker would be set as Owner on the Customer master. When a user creates a Document from the Customer, the Document would inherit the Salesperson Owner and not the user Owner.

Changing Owner

Providing they have the appropriate permission, users can change owners on Documents. This permission level is specified in the user’s Role. Within the individual Role settings, the range of permissions is controlled by the ‘Taking Ownership’ table.

This enables the user to take ownership of Documents:

  • [From Any]
  • [From Team]
  • [From Office]
  • [From Not Owned]
  • [None]

Transfer ownership of Documents

Users can Transfer ownership in bulk – transfer the entire or a selected set of Documents to another Owner.

  1. Setup > Configuration > General > Bulk ownership transfer.
  2. Select the ‘From’ and ‘To’ Workers.
  3. Select the Documents you want to transfer.
  4. Click ‘Transfer Ownership’.

Owner Reports: Documents by a Worker

The majority of Reports have a Worker filter. For example ‘Sales by Worker’.

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