4. Key Workflows

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Choose a workflow, study the flow (click on the image) and try it in the app. As you go explore the fields, tabs, and actions. 

Don’t be afraid to make a mess. We can reset your trial at anytime. A reset only clears out transactions, your Customers, Suppliers and Items will be preserved. 

Refer to the notes and links under each workflow image for useful and related information. 

If the information is unclear or incomplete, please let us know by email to support@salesorder.com

Create a Customer and prepare a Sales Quote

  • Customer: Using Multi-currency? Make sure you set the right Currency on the Customer master. You can’t change the currency on a Customer after you’ve saved the record.
  • Customer: Main contact, Billing, and Shipping addresses: make sure you set, address, and email. This will be the default billing and shipping address. If you want to add alternative addresses, then save the record and use ‘Actions’ Add new billing/shipping address.

Sales Quote: Apply Discounts? You have three options:

  • Discount columns: This is an ‘inline’ discount on a specific line item. You can enter the discount amount as a percentage or a number e.g. 10% or 10. In both cases, you can use decimal places e.g. 10.33% or 10.33. The system will deduct the discount as a percentage of the Unit Price, or subtract the number from the Unit Price. The calculated discount will not be posted to a ‘discount’ account in the general ledger.
  • Discount Item: You can create ‘Discount Items’ in Products/Services>Items. The Discount Item can be preset to a percentage. When you set up an Item you can specify to which general ledger account the discount is posted. You can then add the Discount Item beneath the line Item to which you want to apply the discount. If you need to Discount a group of preceding Items, add a Sub-Total. You can ‘Find’ and ‘Apply’ a Sub-Total Item in the same way you would add a line item.
  • Price List: You can create and apply a Price List on a Sales Quote. The Price List automatically calculates the Discount on every line item you add to the Sales Quote. The resulting discount does not post to the general ledger.

Useful links:

Using Sales Quote

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Sales Order to Sales Invoice(s)

Bulk create Sales Invoices

Sales Invoice to Customer Payment(s)

Customer Payment to Sales Invoices

Sales Order to Cash Sale(s)

Bulk create Cash sales

Sales Invoice to Credit Note(s)

Credit Note to Sales Refund

Sales Order to Purchase Order(s) for Drop ship

Purchase Order(s) for Drop ship to Purchase Invoice (Bill)

Purchase Order to Purchase Invoice(s) – Bills

Supplier Payment to Purchase Invoice

Supplier Payment to multiple Purchase Invoices

Pay multiple Suppliers

Purchase Order to Item Receipt(s)

Item Receipt to Purchase Invoice

Purchase Invoice linked to Item Receipt

Single Purchase Invoice linked to Item Receipt(s)

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