Goods In

The Goods In tab in the WMS console allows you to receive Purchase Orders. 

Note: You must make sure you have set the receiving location to ‘Can Receive’. See Locations for more information.


Goods In Tab Overview

Purchase Orders Pane

Highlighting a Purchase Order displays the items and quantities on the Purchase Order in the 'Purchase Order Items' pane.
Find Search for a Purchase Order (using Ref # or Supplier).

You can filter by status.
Open PO's Displays Purchase Orders that are not fully picked.

Purchase Order Items Pane

Highlighting an Item displays stock received details for that Item in the 'Stock Received on Purchase Order' pane.
Receive Allows you to enter the quantity received (including Serial/Lot#) to the selected location.

Stock Received on Purchase Order Pane

Displays the instance details, including the Location and Serial/Lot#
Delete Allows you to delete receipts.

Receiving and Accounting Processes


Depending upon your accounting organization and processes, you can configure the workflow for receiving Items to automatically create or not create the Item Receipt on completing the receiving of ALL items on a Purchase Order.


Receiving and Accounting Workflow



There are two key configurations to be considered:

  • Auto Create Item Receipt (as above)
  • Set Under/Over Receive Thresholds

See Config for more information.

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