Kits / Assemblies

The Kits/Assemblies tab in the WMS console enables you to add, pick and build Kits and Assemblies, and view their statuses in the warehouse. 


WMS Kits/Assemblies Overview



There are two settings within the ‘CONFIG’ tab in the WMS console, one for Kits and one for Assemblies. These allow you to choose whether you want the Kits or Assemblies to automatically change to status ‘BUILT’ once they have been fully picked.

Kit/Assembly Builds pane


Once Kits/Assemblies have been picked they will show status 'READY TO BUILD' (depending on configuration above).

They can then be built by selecting the checkbox and clicking on 'Build'.

The status should now show 'BUILT'.


Kits/Assemblies with status 'BUILT' can be broken.

This can be done by selecting the checkbox and clicking on 'Break'.

This opens the items in the 'Bill of Materials' pane and allows you to Un-pick them in the 'Stock Assigned to BOM' pane.

Note: When stock is un-picked it will be returned to the build location, and not the location it was picked from.

Print Pick List

Select the checkboxes of the Kits/Assemblies you wish to pick and click 'Print Pick List.'


Allows you to search for Kits/Assemblies.

You can search based on Item code, Serial Lot #, Location, Item description, and Status.

List Builds

Shows all the Kits/Assemblies


The 'Edit' button is only available for Kits/Assemblies witht eh status 'NEW' or 'PARTIAL'. Once clicked this allows you to change the quantity.

Note: For Kits/Assemblies with the status 'PARTIAL', you cannot decrease the quantity to less than the quantity already picked.


The 'Delete' button is only available for Kits/Assemblies with the status 'NEW', and simply allows you to delete them.

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