Stock View

The Stock View tab displays the following:

  • properties of each instance of a Stock Item i.e. lot number,
  • how many you’ve got and
  • where each one of them is located.

On the Stock View Tab, you can search for and view stock by Item (SKU code) or by Location.

Click on the cog icon to toggle the column visibility in the respective panes.

Items pane

Displays list of stock Items and their quantity.

Displays Item Code, Description and Quantity.
Find Find and view stock level of an particular Item in the warehouse.
List All(with Stock) View all the Items in stock.
List All View all the stock Items in the warehouse and their stock level.
Select(row | Item) Select an Item and view its Location. The details of the selected Item is displayed in the Stock Summary pane.

Locations pane

Displays details of Locations and what's in them.

View details like Location, Barcode, Items Stocked, Can Receive, Quarantine, Building Kits | Assemblies, For Transit.
Find Find and view a Location and its configuration.
List All View all the Locations and their configuration.
Select(row | Location) Select a Location and view what and how much stock is stored there.

The current stock at the selected Location is displayed in the Stock Summary pane.

Stock Summary pane

Displays stock Items and its Location.

Displays information like Location, Item Code, Description and Quantity.
Select(row |
View detailed information of the selected stock Item at a selected Location in the Stock Detail pane.

Stock Detail pane

Displays detailed information about each stock Item like:

  • Location,
  • Item Code,
  • Description,
  • Kit Item,
  • SO#: Ref # of the Sales Order, the instance of the Item is assigned to when picked,
  • Serial# | Lot: the Item's serial or Lot number,
  • Pallet#: ID of the Pallet the Item is assigned to,
  • Quantity.

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